Clean packaging: The next step in consumer transparency

Our take: It’s all about trust for consumers seeking ingredient lists for both the food they eat and the packaging around it to be sure they’re chemical-free...

As more and more consumers demand transparency about what they’re eating, some are taking a critical eye to the packaging that their food comes in, especially those who are interested in clean food.

Given recent examples of food packaging issues such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and fluorocarbons, “clean packaging” is likely to follow behind clean food as a focal point for consumers and an opportunity for brands to build trust with them.

HAVI, a global supply chain management, logistics, packaging and marketing analytics provider with extensive foodservice expertise, surveyed 500 18+ year-old U.S. resident consumers—50 percent male, 50 percent female—in February and found that 70 percent say “clean packaging” is as important or more important than “clean food.”

Yet just like clean food, there is no standard definition for clean packaging.

HAVI’s Weldon Williams, senior director, quality assurance, packaging, responds to Packaging Digest's questionsabout this quickly emerging topic and what brands and suppliers can do to position themselves as clean packaging leaders....

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