Four Hot (& Cold) Brewing Trends, w/ LA’s New Coffee Manufactory

Visit any hip coffee shop in Brooklyn and you’ll find the same red and white carton marked “Barista Blend Almond Milk.” While founder Greg Steltenpohl – who dreamed up the better milk alternative via Califia Farms – might not be a household name, his frothy, plant-based milk lattes fly out the door.

As also previously the creator of Odwalla, who sold healthy juices before they were hip, this was a natural next step.

He and Califia were inspired by the local California agriculture, where almonds could be milled to make sustainable and slurp-able milk taste even betterand with no waste.

We sat down with Greg and his brewing guru Brian Lovejoy, director of the Califia Farms coffee program, for a forecast of what’s on the immediate caffeinated beverage horizon.

Coffee Soda
The third wave coffee movement is beyond alternative milks.

It goes as far as adding citrus, adding a bit of sparkling – ways for making coffee become all the more refreshing.

Cold Brew Coffee
Lower in acid than traditional coffee, people are viewing it more as a healthy energy drink – a cleaner and better alternative to fancy, chemical-filled liquid boosters.

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