Hair care guru Taliah Waajid on her 21st annual World Natural Hair show

Taliah Waajid is a natural hair care veteran and her company has been leading the way in innovation and education for over 20 years. This year marks the 21st year that Waajid has produced the largest consumer trade show that celebrates natural hair, health and beauty.

The 21st annual World Natural Hair and Healthy Lifestyle Event will be held April 21-22, 2018, in Atlanta and is boasting a phenomenal lineup of entertainment, panel discussions and more.

For Waajid, natural hair care isn’t just a trend, it is a lifestyle that encompasses everything the consumer cares about.

Her journey began when she was a child and her mother refused to allow her to get a relaxer.

As a result, Waajid embraced her curly hair and learned to manage and style her hair in creative ways that quickly attracted positive attention.

What followed were numerous styling requests from friends and neighbors and by the age of 14, she started her own hair care business and quickly amassed a solid client base.

In 1988, Waajid opened her first natural hair salon in Harlem, New York, continuing to build a reputation for healthy, creative, natural styles.

Waajid then moved from New York to Atlanta...

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