How technology is shaping the future of food retail

In an ever-changing retail environment, grocers and online food retailers are constantly innovating and utilizing technology to ease the consumer shopping journey.

They’re also finding ways to use technology to streamline business operations.

From smart shelf labels to the use of artificial intelligence, technology is paving the way for a grocery experience unlike anything shoppers have seen before.

Because of an increasing consumer demand for everything from online grocery shopping to more personalized advertising, the rise of technology in the grocery industry is reaching a fever pitch.

Cooling solutions provider Phononic found that 89% of shoppers want to shop in a supermarket that understands how to make buying groceries more efficient, while the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen recently reported that 70% of grocery shoppers will be shopping online in as few as five to seven years.

“The grocery industry is currently in the age of digital experimentation, where the roadmap on how to navigate and achieve real and profitable growth continues to evolve,” said Nielsen’s Chris Morley in a statement.

Analytics will be crucial to understanding the constantly evolving digital shopper, Morley said, and a collaborative approach to physical and digital strategies will be key.

Additionally, grocery analyst John...

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