MillerCoors files counterclaim in battle of the breweries

Brewery MillerCoors has filed a counterclaim against competitor Stone Brewing’s allegations of trademark infringement, arguing that it was the first company to use the word ‘Stone’ in the beer market.

MillerCoors filed the counterclaim at the US District Court for the Southern District of California on Tuesday, April 10.

Stone Brewing filed a trademark complaint against MillerCoors on February 16. The lawsuit accused MillerCoors of featuring the ‘Stone’ mark and “stone-centric branding” on its beverages.

Stone Brewing owns US trademark number 2,168,093 for the ‘Stone’ mark, registered in 1998. MillerCoors’s brands include Keystone and Keystone Light, according to Stone Brewing.

The name of the Keystone brand reportedly relates to a ski resort in Colorado, referenced by the figurative mountain design featured on its logo.

Stone Brewing said that ‘Key’ was dropped from the Keystone brand and the line of beverages was renamed ‘Stone’ when the brand’s owner company relocated to Chicago.

The suit said this “deceptive branding” was “quietly announced” by the company in April 2017 and new packaging and logos were created to emphasise ‘Stone’ as the brand’s primary mark.

Stone Brewing has a “devoted fan base unrivalled by other brewers” and “MillerCoors is wilfully...

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