Natural food companies are revamping their marketing to boost online sales

Our take: Companies re-imagining branding and formulas to encourage online repeat buys rather than the impulse purchases they might have relied on in the stores... |

As Amazon leverages more Prime benefits in Whole Foods and signs up new members, it's driving natural product shoppers to its site.

Small suppliers — many of whom have experience selling to brick-and-mortar stores but might be shut out of Whole Foods under the chain's new buying policies — see an opportunity to boost their online sales.

But to reach those these consumers, they need to shift their approach.

They're also amping up their packaging so colors, typography and other elements stand out on computer and phone screens.

Suppliers would do well to push the uniqueness of their product.

After all, if shoppers can’t find New Zealand Manuka Honey in their local brick-and-mortar shop, they might turn to an online vendor.

Still, some smaller food companies must be worried they will be squeezed out by larger food companies who have capabilities to distribute nationwide already, and as larger companies continue to acquire smaller food companies, such as Campbell Soup Co.’s purchase of Pacific Foods, or Nestlé's acquisition of Sweet Earth, which makes vegan bowls, burritos, and sandwiches....

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