New study showcases starch as alternative for plastic food packaging

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A study conducted at Karlstad University in Sweden determined that all petroleum-based material used in food packaging can be eventually replaced with a starch-based material.

According to the study, the new bio-based material, which is a combination of starch and other polymers, can offer a protective barrier similar to that of plastic packaging.

Petroleum-based plastic is generally used to serve as protective coating for paper-based food packaging to prevent the risk of oxygen or water entering into the packaging and spoiling the product.

A researcher at the Karlstad University highlighted that a new bio-based material prepared using lignin from wood and starch from maize or potatoes can potentially be as effective as plastic.

Karlstad University doctor in Chemical Engineering Asif Javed said: “Food packaging has to protect and extend the shelf life of food, and should also work during transport.

“To meet these demands, a protective barrier is needed in paper-based packagings, such as those used for juice or dairy.”

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