Packaging News: Harvey Nichols revamps own label packaging

Our take: The new range features seasoned, plain and chocolate covered nuts, as well as some unusual flavours...  | ------------

Harvey Nichols has launched a stylish own label range with vibrant colours, elegant patterns and tongue-in-cheek text.

Snacks, named Naughty Nibbles, are the first new own label products to launch this year. Currently stocked in all stores, Naughty Nibbles come in clear iridescent packaging, allowing customers to see the treats within each bag.

In true Harvey Nichols style, the Snacks range feature tongue in cheek taglines to describe the flavours; Dark Chocolate Cashews ‘The little black dress of naughty nibbles’. Harvey Nichols own label biscuit range, set to hit the shelves in August, will include shiny metallic tins, stylish pull out biscuit boxes and a mini shortbread collection.

The chic yet handy re-usable tins have been specially designed with airtight lids to keep biscuits fresher for longer and will come in a series of metallic lipstick colours to represent the flavours; silver; citrus, pink; fruity, gold; buttery, copper; caramel, ginger and chocolate.

The new biscuit boxes have been designed using the Harvey Nichols ‘HN’ brand logo, to create a unique pattern that will...

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