Ridgeview’s latest vintage reveals brand new look

English sparkling wine producer, Ridgeview, have celebrated the release of their latest vintage under contemporary new branding.

Ridgeview sparkling wine has revamped its image with slick new labelling designs.

Ridgeview wine estate launched its new look at the Savoy Hotel in London last month, marking a ‘bold move away from the previous classic and traditional packaging, to a contemporary, modern and proudly English design,’ said the Sussex winery.

Ridgeview’s new releases include Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs sparkling wines, as well as a ‘Rosé de Noirs’, priced between £50 and £60.

‘We can now confidentially stand on our own two feet and tell the story of our part in the historical rise of English sparkling wine,’ said chief executive Tamara Roberts.

The rebranding is aimed to court consumers’ burgeoning interest in English sparkling wine, following on from last year’s reports of record-breaking revenues from increased demand.

‘Sparkling wine accounts for nearly 70 percent of the wine made in England, with production now at around 6 million bottles,’ according to Ridgeview.

‘With another 2 million vines planted over the last two years it is suggested that the industry could be producing...

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thumbnail courtesy of decanter.com (Credit: Ridgeview)

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