Sonoco commits to sustainable packaging and recycling goals

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Hartsville, South Carolina-based Sonoco has announced that it is expanding its environmental and social stewardship initiatives to include commitments to achieve greater packaging sustainability and recycling.

The packaging company says the move supports the food industry’s efforts to reduce food waste, according to the company.

Sonoco’s new time-based commitments, along with an update of its ongoing efforts to improve environmental, governance and social measure, are highlighted in its 2017-18 corporate responsibility report, “Better Packaging, Better Life – for a Better World,” which is available at

By 2025, Sonoco says it will commit to more sustainable use and increased recyclability of packaging by taking a number of steps: Rob Tiede, Sonoco president and chief executive officer, says, “Sonoco believes packaging plays an important role in protecting food from damage and spoilage while extending shelf life at retail and home. In fact, greater adoption of food packaging technologies to prolong the shelf life of produce and proteins has the potential to divert 72,000 tons of food waste from landfills in the United States, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 329,000 tons per year.”

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