Trader Joe’s listens to customer feedback, making big changes

Our take: Biodegradable, compostable options as well as styrofoam tray replacement part of environmentally-friendly plans... | -------------

Trader Joe's has received criticism from customers for packaging much of its produce in plastic. The store says it's listening to feedback and making changes.

Tucked inside Trader Joe's February edition of the Fearless Flyer, among the new items and seasonal promotions, was a "not-so confidential memo" to customers.

The grocery chain announced it will be taking more steps to reduce plastic and other packaging waste.

As people become more conscious about reducing their plastic consumption, Trader Joe's was facing mounting criticism for an "overuse of packaging," especially in the produce section.

FAVORITE FOODS: Trader Joe's reveals which items customers like best in 10th annual awards The retailer said it's been listening to customers' feedback on the issue, and, in response, has stopped offering single-use plastic carryout bags in stores nationwide (already banned in all large stores in California).

In addition to that, Trader Joe's said it has replaced plastic produce bags with biodegradable and compostable options, which we've noticed recently at San Francisco and Oakland stores.

The store adds they've also replaced styrofoam trays that used to be used in produce packaging with compostable trays.

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