US trade body wants refined ingredients included on GM labels

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The US Department of Agriculture has put out for consultation proposals on how food containing genetically-modified ingredients should be labelled.

A draft plan on the labelling of what the administration calls "bioengineered foods" was issued in May, with the USDA inviting feedback over the next 60 days.

The draft is looking for feedback on whether "highly refined" foods will be covered by the new regulation.

Such foods, including cooking oils and confectionery, may have ingredients derived from genetically-engineered crops but, after processing, the ingredients may not be detectable. In its submission to the consultation on what the USDA has called the "national bioengineered food disclosure standard", the GMA said labels should detail refined ingredients even if they have no detectable modified DNA.

"Consumers expect to know if a product contains an ingredient that was sourced from a bioengineered crop, so it is essential that disclosure of this information be required under the final rule for the national bioengineered food disclosure standard," the GMA wrote.

"GMA does not expect that consumers will understand or believe the concept that an ingredient starting from a bioengineered ear of corn is not bioengineered after it has been refined.

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