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  • ProLabel Insights: Seven Lessons From Popular Brand Marketing Stories

    Our take: Marketers always are thinking of innovative ways to build their brands, and with good reason — how you position your brand  is critical to the success of your product lines... | ----------- Successful companies understand the importance of brand marketing and, importantly, the lessons available from other brands…

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  • Exclusive Q&A from Retail Touch Points: Why Marketers Must Make An Emotional Connection With Consumers

    Our take: In this Q&A from Retail Touch Points, Kiran Smith, CEO of advertising/branding agency Arnold, shares how marketing experience helps her develop and implement impactful campaigns... | ---------------- In a world where consumers have an almost unimaginable array of choices, successful marketing campaigns require something more than just persuasion…

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  • Mighty Organic Rebrands With New Focus and Packaging

    Our take: Better animal care, better food part of brand overhaul emphasis... | -------------- Consumers are savvier than ever, and, as a result, more companies around the food industry are altering their ingredients, operations, branding, and more to maintain consumer trust and demand. Since its initial launch just three years…

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  • Is Seasonal Product Packaging Beneficial?

    Our take: Review of considerations for implementing seasonal packaging... | ----------- As a way to boost sales and outshine competitors, brands consider using seasonal packaging through the festive months. It’s well known that consumers shop more during the lead up to Christmas and other occasions and are more likely to…

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  • Packworld: Natural supplements brand gets a transformative redesign

    Our take: Modernization efforts focused on differentiation and eliminating drug-store perception... | ------------ Family-owned Quantum Health of Eugene, OR, has been in the natural health supplements market since 1981, offering products that aid in skin care, oral health, immune support, eye health, and more in over 35,000 stores in the…

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ProLabel, Inc. is committed to providing innovative labeling and packaging solutions. COO Sean Carty discusses the collaboration
with UPM Raflatac that led to a breakthrough in UV inkjet printing.



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