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  • Dust Bowl Brewing Co. Rebrands as part of 10-year anniversary

    Our take: Focus on Dust Bowl's maturity and future versatility part of rebrand effort... | ------------- Established in May of 2009, Dust Bowl Brewing Co. is fast approaching its ten year anniversary. And while the milestone is just around the corner, the growing company took last year to evaluate its…

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  • Case Study: Kit Kat reviving an iconic brand

    Case study: Nestle tasked Appetite Creative to highlight Kit Kat's brand value and flavor diversity. The Drum explores the strategy behind its selection of visual appeal and verbiage elements... | --------------- The infamous Kit Kat chocolate bar has been a staple in pantries since 1935, when the four-finger wafer crisp…

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  • Russell Stover corrects ‘brand communication problem’ for sugar-free line

    Our take: Food Navigator examines "craveable" package transformation of what had been a wavering product... | -------------- Russell Stover enjoyed years of market dominance when it first launched its seemingly 'too-good-to-be-true' sugar-free chocolate line in the '80s. But lately, its sugar-free chocolate sales have wavered as it fell out of…

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  • A look at Brand Design Trends in 2019

    Our take: Brand owners understand the value of gaining and keeping customer attention. An attractive brand does more than simply leave a lasting impression on the minds of your target audience. Here's a look at a few current brand design trends... | ----------------- 2019 is seeing an upswing in bold…

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  • Are You Customer Obsessed? Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Business

    Our take: Ross Kramer, CEO of email marketing automation company Listrak, talks about the customer obsession as part of the MCM CommerceChat podcast... | ---------------- Putting customers at the heart of everything you do is vital in order to be successful in your business. It requires what is known as…

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ProLabel, Inc. is committed to providing innovative labeling and packaging solutions. COO Sean Carty discusses the collaboration
with UPM Raflatac that led to a breakthrough in UV inkjet printing.



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