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  • Creating A Unique Customer Experience To Drive 2019 Success

    Our take: In a hyper-competitive market space, and even with omnichannel efforts, success requires learning how to deliver experiences that more than satisfy customers... | ---------------- There’s no way to avoid it — retail in 2019 is all about the experience. And to create a stellar experience, retailers must view…

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  • SmartyPants Vitamins Never Tried to Be Cool—and That’s How It Found Success

    Our take: Adweek covered co-CEO Courtney Nichols Gould 's Brandweek insights about how the company is consistently communicating its core message... | ----------------- Many new brands hitting the market these days make a splash with trendy ad campaigns and dreamy packaging and design. That may initially catch a consumer’s attention,…

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  • CampaignLive: Study suggests Harrison Ford’s dog was funniest Super Bowl ad

    Our take: Ad tech company analyzed four of the biggest ads to find out which brand ruled our emotions over the premiere advertising weekend... | -------------- The results are in and Harrison Ford’s dog won the largest number of smiles this Super Bowl, according to a study conducted by Unruly.…

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  • How luxury beauty brands can remain relevant in a changing market

    Our take: Cosmetics Design goes in-depth on how reverse consumerism and a shift from traditional marketing prove challenging for the luxury beauty industry... | --------------- While the luxury end of the market remains robust, it is likely to be threatened by socio-economic factors in the longer-term. Those that consume luxury…

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  • How Energy Bars Became America’s Favorite Snack Food

    Our take: The most unusual natural foods category has drastically altered the way we eat. Outside tells the story of how companies are capitalizing on snacking's explosion... | ------------- In 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter Alex (nickname: Bobo) decided to do some baking on a rare dreary day at…

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ProLabel, Inc. is committed to providing innovative labeling and packaging solutions. COO Sean Carty discusses the collaboration
with UPM Raflatac that led to a breakthrough in UV inkjet printing.



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