ProLabel, Inc. is committed to providing innovative labeling and packaging solutions. COO Sean Carty discusses the collaboration
with UPM Raflatac that led to a breakthrough in UV inkjet printing.



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Consumer Goods Articles

Our Consumer Goods category features articles and information pertaining
to the following market spaces: Food & Beverage, Skin Care & Beauty,
Household Goods, Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical, Automotive, and
Cannabis & Cannabinoid.

Industrial / Chemical Articles

Our Industrial / Chemical category features articles and information pertaining to the following markets: Chemical, Industrial, and Petroleum products. We are familiar with applications related to specific containers as well as the private label considerations associated with companies in these market spaces.



Branding & Marketing Resources

  • New Video-Based Product Reviews And Lifestyle Site Helps Millennials Simplify Shopping

    Our take: Fantastic concept that will likely do well with its target user base...  | ---------- The founders of the brand agency Figliulo&Partners have launched Quiddity, a video-based product reviews and lifestyle site. Quiddity is launching with six initial product categories: meal kits, renter’s insurance, wireless headphones, mattresses, blenders and…

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  • How to increase mobile sales, engagement

    If the 2017 holiday season taught us anything, it’s that mobile is the new normal for online shopping. On Black Friday alone, over 60 percent of retail website visits happened on mobile devices, driving more than 46 percent of all purchases. Here are three steps to increase your mobile sales…

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  • Brands must evaluate impact of impulsive vs. intentional shopping, Avionos’ Scott Webb says

    "The way that consumers shopped five years ago is different than how we shop today," says Scott Webb, president of Avionos. That's reflected in shopping patterns, which look different if the consumer is intentionally making a purchase versus making an impulse buy. For example: 70 percent of impulse buys are…

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  • Brand Review: Good Science Beauty Branding by Almighty

    Our take: Bio-skincare tech brand focuses on brand's story... | --------- Almighty has created the name, branding, packaging and promotional content for new brand Good Science Beauty. The range was developed in the UK by scientist Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert who spent ten years developing a patented skincare technology. Now named…

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  • Opinion: Why good design can make or break your food and beverage business

    Amanda Bowman works in customer service at crowdspring, one of the world’s leading marketplaces for crowdsourced logo design, web design, graphic design, product design and company naming services. It literally pays for food and beverage firms to invest in impactful product packaging that tells a story and educates, writes Amanda…

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