Bajaj Corp restages its iconic brand Bajaj Nomarks

Bajaj Corp is all set to unveil the re-staging of its iconic brand Bajaj Nomarks.

The re-stage is anchored on a new packaging along with a new consumer proposition supported by a new campaign.

With emphasis on Ayurveda, the brand has transformed itself through a differentiated packaging strategy and brand philosophy of, #CheherePeSirfShaanNoNishaan.

Each element of the repackaging has been crafted to depict real Ayurveda and efficacy; the core fundamentals of the brand.

The almost two-decade-old brand will also launch its latest TVC campaign with a new ambassador Tapsee Pannu.

Commenting on the core idea behind the re-branding, Sandeep Verma, President Sales & Marketing, Bajaj Corp said, “Ayurveda is becoming a way of life for the present generation of highly aware consumers. Our endeavour is to connect with this audience in a differentiated manner. So we decided to re-stage Nomarks as a modern Ayurvedic brand. New packaging was a key element of the mix to strongly communicate this change”.

In addition, brand is also launching a new campaign based on how a polluted environment combined with a demanding lifestyle results in skin stress, which manifests itself in the form of marks.

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