Biles Hendry designs branding for Tisserand at Ascot

Biles Hendry has designed branding for Aromatherapy brand Tisserand for Ascot 2018. Tisserand is launching a bespoke range of bath, body and homecare products at Ascot Racecourse.

The design avoids the expected – history, horses and pageantry.

Instead, it captures a moment in time: the rush of both race and occasion, the blur of the jockeys flashing by in their coloured silks, and the race-goers mingling in their smartest outfits.

As well as the painterly packaging, the Biles Hendry team devised playful fragrance names – Daydream, Serenity, Blissful Joy, Hope and Cheer, Happy Elation and, coming up on the outside, Spirited Away....

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