Brand Design Review: Strong Name with Delicate Design for Cider Brand

Our take: Brand packaging effort made to appeal to the drinkers who usually enjoy white wine, cocktails, or sparkling wine... | ------------

Strongbow Blossom Rosé Sparkling Apple Cider, for Carlton & United Breweries (part of the AB InBev family), aims to bring growth and inject excitement back into the cider category.

Drinks design agency Denomination ( developed an elegant design to appeal to the drinkers who usually enjoy white wine, cocktails or sparkling wine, enticing them to choose Strongbow's offering as an alternative ‘starter’ drink.

The aesthetics of the design were paramount to the success of the product and establishing its position.

Denomination focused on the product’s central ingredient, apples, to establish cider cues as the main feature. The hand-drawn illustration of the apple blossom branch curving around the front label alludes to the tree in the Strongbow logo.

The chosen core color of dusty pink mirrors the liquid color and references the light and semi-sweet taste of the drink.

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