Brand Review: Good Science Beauty Branding by Almighty

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Almighty has created the name, branding, packaging and promotional content for new brand Good Science Beauty. The range was developed in the UK by scientist Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert who spent ten years developing a patented skincare technology.

Now named Good Silicon+, it employs engineered Silicon particles to carry combinations of active ingredients into the skin.

Her aim was to create highly effective skincare in sync with the body's natural processes with no adverse effects.

As the strategic branding partner, Almighty worked closely with the client team and tactical communications agencies to launch the brand, initially in the USA.

Almighty's creative director Matt Burke and brand strategist Emily Penny collaborated with web agency Buffalo to create the website.

"This is an enlightened new generation brand," said Matt Burke, Creative Director at Almighty.

"It was important for the design to be style-led and stand apart from scientific cliché. At the same time we wanted the brand to be clear and straight-talking. We think we have found that balance."

The branding was driven by the insight that savvy beauty enthusiasts want to engage with the story around the technology, and want to feel in control of what beauty means to them.

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