Brand Stories: Coffee By Design Did a Major Rebrand, Then CBD Came Along

Our take: After Coffee By Design’s "CBD"-heavy rebranding was introduced in 2017, it has taken the company time and effort sorting out confusion over cannabidiol-infused products... | -----------------

For the past 25 years, Portland, Maine-based roaster Coffee By Design has also been known to customers as CBD, but the recent widespread legalization of marijuana and prevalence of cannabidiol-infused products have caused confusion for customers unfamiliar with the brand.

With five retail locations in addition to its Portland roastery cafe, plus a wholesale account list with about 600 clients, Coffee By Design has actually held a trademark on the CBD coffee name since 2010.

Co-Owner Alan Spear told DCN he was surprised last year when he saw “CBD coffee” marketed on the side of a building — using a different font and clearly advertising a different beverage than anything produced by his company.

“Our staff are saying they’re getting a lot of questions from people asking if we put CBD (extract) in our coffee,” Spear said this week.

“It’s becoming really difficult for us because we’ve been branded CBD for a long time.”

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