Branding insights:: Brands beware — don’t fall into the emotion trap

Our take: Nigel Hollis examines a brand's impact with respect to the relationship between emotion and more deliberate responses... | ------------

Emotion has a huge role to play in determining which brands people buy and when.

However, ignoring the interaction between emotion, recognition and brand associations risks motivating no one.

To avoid the emotion trap, marketers must figure out how to harness the power of emotion to benefit their brand.

Faster than we can form a conscious thought, the process that Daniel Kahneman refers to as System 1 primes us to think and behave in certain ways.

But System 1 doesn’t necessarily dominate our more-deliberative System 2 response.

The social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, uses the metaphor of an elephant and a rider to describe the interaction between the intuitive System 1 and deliberative System 2.

The elephant represents our instinctive, emotional response and the rider our more considered response.

The elephant, which is more powerful than the rider, has been trained by evolution and experience to respond in certain ways to the world around it.

When intuition fails the elephant, the rider, who has more knowledge, will often steer the elephant in the right direction.

But if the two start out with a clear path, the elephant and the rider will work together and reach their destination...

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