B&W Quality Growers Unveils New Packaging Redesign

Our take: The new packaging design features a modern white woodgrain background that significantly advances the company's brand appeal... | ----------

FELLSMERE, FL - After investing much of this year to undertake a complete packaging redesign, B&W Quality Growers is ready to unveil its new look.

It all came to down to leveraging the company’s strengths—exceptional quality, highly nutritious and unique products, and nearly 150 years of experience—to make a personal connection with consumers.

“Our goal in modernizing the packaging was to showcase our key differentiators in a simple, yet compelling way,” shared Todd Gosule, EVP of Sales and Marketing.

The new packaging has prominent product names, informative flavor descriptors, and recipe images that make the bags visually appealing to consumers.

B&W’s tagline “Exceptional Quality. Distinctive Flavor.” surrounds its logo, connecting the brand with a first-rate culinary experience.

These, along with adding a “Since 1870” establishment date and a new, modernized white woodgrain background, provide a distinctive and artisan feel that balances modernity and tradition.

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