Cannabis product firm incredibles rebrands packaging

Our take: Artisan chocolate bars, other offerings enjoying increased sales, positive reception as part of its redesign... | -------------

Cannabis brand incredibles is introducing an advanced redesign for its line of infused chocolate bars, gummies, mints and microdosed tarts.

The maker of incredibles, incredible Wellness and incredible Extracts is one of the country’s most diverse, trusted and top awarded cannabis products.

“Our new look is a perfect showcase for why incredibles are the top-selling edible: It’s all about standout flavor,” said Bob Eschino, Founder & President of incredibles and MC Brands.

“The strong visual design and innovative use of packaging to ensure airtight freshness and structural integrity sets our products apart as we solidify our brand’s national position as a leading producer of premium infused products. We’ve already seen a fantastic reception from the marketplace with marked sales increases. ”

The company’s top awarded, handcrafted infused edibles, including organic fruit juice gummies, low-dose mints and high-CBD tarts are already available in dispensaries in Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon and Illinois.

Incredibles plans to continue expanding its reach to customers in additional states with regulated medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

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