Dunkin’ Donuts gets a brand update, but the logo here to stay

Our take: Refresh preserves original elements, but brightens feel of Dunkin's established brand... | -----------------

Dunkin' Donuts is putting a more modern spin on its branding, while keeping that famous orange and pink logo, in the latest signal that the coffee chain is eager to give its image a bit of a jolt.

"In terms of just the overall look and feel of the brand, I think it just needed a little love," says Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman.

The very identifiable Frankfurter font that the chain uses, and the orange and pink that grace its signs, cups, boxes and bags, aren't going anywhere.

Still, Weisman is eager to freshen the presentation.

"These are all canvases on which to create a playful, fresh expression of the brand," he says.

Iced coffee cups and packaging for Dunkin's new Donut Fries are two of the earliest overhauls from creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, which has been working on the brand identity and branding strategy for months and previously handled the "America" packaging for Budweiser.

The packaging for Donut Fries, sticks of donut dough in cinnamon sugar that became available nationwide July 2, is "brighter" and "a little more playful" than what Dunkin' has done before, says Sara Hyman,...

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