Super-premium tea, juices drive some beverage companies to seek outside manufacturing

The interest in organic and natural ingredients is rapidly increasing and not expected to decline, according to Beverage Trends in Packaging and Processing Operations by PMMI Business Intelligence.

Tea represents one example of the natural and healthy trend, and while tea made from actual tea leaves is more desirable than concentrate, it requires new equipment and processes that some large beverage companies can’t accommodate due to space constraints.

Much of the new beverage tea production is given to co-packers that are building not only new lines, but entire new facilities to handle this volume.

A production manager at a large CSD beverage company who participated in the study says, “The trend toward tea is big. We are working with co-packers to build three new facilities across the country to make our tea. Tea extraction is a complicated process, and we are investing significantly into Kneader tea processing equipment.”

Juices that have gone through high-pressure processing (HPP) are also expected to be increasingly popular.

HPP is a key technology that beverage companies use to provide juices and other beverages without having to undergo pasteurization.

Pasteurization is known to have a detrimental effect on both taste and nutrition, while HPP keeps them...

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