How Brands Can Deliver Succssful Omnichannel Experiences

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Retail needs to change. As a whole, retailers have to become more attentive, and quicker to react to, the fast-rising expectations of their customers. For many, this transformation is already underway.

Progress has been made in creating robust omnichannel experiences that give consumers more ways to interact with content, services, and products. These initiatives continue to evolve, but they have already shown their value. According to Harvard Business Review, omnichannel shoppers spend 4 percent more in brick-and-mortar stores and 10 percent more online than their single-channel counterparts.

It takes consistent time and resources, and continuous reevaluation, to maintain an omnichannel experience, but the numbers show that missing out is much more costly.

The use of mobile apps to kickstart shopping experiences, whether by letting customers nab discounts or place orders at physical store locations, has already established itself as a staple for omnichannel offerings.

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