Maya Selva Cigars Updates Packaging for New Warning Stickers

The next time you pick up a box of Maya Selva cigars, you’ll likely notice an updated design as the company has started shipping an updated packaging design to its worldwide network of retailers in light of the growing requirement for warning stickers.

As the company currently has retailers in 30 countries, it has acknowledged that coming up with a design that is ideal for each of them.

“Each country has very distinct regulations which makes it tricky to design the different boxes and still have your branding easily identified while maintaining the elegant look that has been part of the company’s tradition,” said Nina Cobos Rosa, who handles media relations for the company.

She added that in some countries, health warnings are required to cover upwards of 75 percent of the box, which leaves little room for meaningful branding, though it isn’t deterring the company.

“Amid all the current hurdles the industry faces, we take this as an opportunity to continue to focus on the quality of our cigars, because after all they need to speak for themselves, bringing the aficionado the experience they are looking for,” she added.

In the United States, FDA regulations of premium cigars require that...

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