Mighty Organic Rebrands With New Focus and Packaging

Our take: Better animal care, better food part of brand overhaul emphasis... | --------------

Consumers are savvier than ever, and, as a result, more companies around the food industry are altering their ingredients, operations, branding, and more to maintain consumer trust and demand.

Since its initial launch just three years ago, Mighty Organic has challenged the status quo of the food industry and is challenging the food industry yet again by placing a renewed focus on its mission of better animal care and better food like grass-fed jerky, sticks, and bars.

“At Mighty Organic, we do meat the way it should be done, and we are one of the only companies that offers 100 percent grass-fed, certified organic meat snacks. But with over 500 different meat snacks on the market with decades of marketing behind them, we felt like our younger brand and message wasn’t breaking through the other jerky brands, so we decided to evolve our brand voice and cut through the noise with our mission,” said Brand Manager Ellie France.

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