Nat Sherman Unveils Major Portfolio Update

The Nat Sherman cigar portfolio is undergoing a major makeover. At July’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, the company will show off both a new structure to its brands, but also new branding.

There are three core pillars to its portfolio: Epoca, Metropolitan and Timeless.

Most of the company’s newest lines will be sold under the Timeless banner.

This includes the eponymous Timeless lines—which are getting new names—as well as the Panamericana and Sterling lines.

Timeless Dominican, made by Quesada, is now known as Timeless Prestige, while Timeless Nicaraguan, made by Plasencia, is now known as Timeless Supreme.

Michael Herklots, vp of retail and brand development for Nat Sherman, stated that none of the blends or factories are changing, just the packaging and the branding strategy.

“This realignment of our cigar brands offers a clearer picture of how our collection of products fit together.” said Herklots in a press release.

“Our manufacturing partners and blends all remain unchanged and as great as ever.”

The Metropolitan portfolio includes some of the company’s historic brands: The packaging has been slightly updated from the current Metropolitan line—the clock is more streamlined, the text has been moved above the logo and there’s blank space... More...

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