On Branding: Get beyond your brand love story

Our take: Dave Taylor, Taylor Brand Group, Lancaster reveals that smart companies are willing to explore areas of false brand security and open the door to critical evaluation.

As we watched the focus group, the participants were comparing Brand A to Brand B across a wide range of attributes.

Brand A, the leader in a certain food category, was winning for having better flavor and texture, better packaging and way stronger brand loyalty.

This wasn't overly surprising; the consumers in this group had been selected for their preference for Brand A.

So naturally they had a lot of positive comments about the brand.

What might seem unusual is that the client for this focus group was actually Brand B. And they were taking a beating.

Even on product aspects where Brand B was sure it had an advantage, it was seeing comment after comment that showed that these Brand A loyalists had a different perception.

After two hours of what felt like a very cold shower, the focus group was finally over, and Brand B had learned some invaluable insights into its brand's weaknesses.

As hard as it was to listen to the criticism, Brand B had made a very smart move by seeking out Brand A's loyalists and enduring a barrage of criticism about its brand.

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