Opinion: How Not to Be A Blah Brand In A Crowded Market

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Entrepreneur contributor Rochelle Chhabra is Professional Division Head (Streax Professional), Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. Ltd

Would the soft drinks market have eventually fizzled out if 7-Up had not been launched as ‘The UnCola’, a disruptive alternative to the colas?

Would Nike have been able to sprint ahead as the leading athletic footwear and apparel brand if it had failed to create a strong brand image among its core customer base or stopped innovating customised products?

Or, would Apple have succeeded in hijacking our collective consciousness had it been lethargic about nurturing imagination, design and innovation?

In other words, they dared to be different.

Make this your mantra: Customer is king
Since I spend much of my time in understanding customer feedback on our products, I firmly believe that companies should be willing to engage emotionally with consumers.

Oftentimes products are purchased for emotional reasons. Therefore, it pays for brands to always be on their toes, to show that they are striving to fulfil customers’ unique needs.

The key to a brand’s successful differentiation strategy is to value its customers and deliver beyond their expectations.

Amazon’s sharp customer-oriented strategy has played a big role in its success. It has consistently made it to the top of the rankings of ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ lists that shows it’s an organisation that listens to its customers and leverages the power of data analytics to make each purchase a memorable experience for the buyer.

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