Opinion: The Future Of Brands

Food and drink companies across the globe are under increasing pressure of excessive regulation and risk being excluded from discussions on their industry’s future.

As tobacco style regulation is now being actively applied to these categories, brand owners should be worried about this domino effect.

One such example is plain packaging, which in effect is a ban on branding or brand censorship.

By imposing these strict rules and regulations, the legislator requires manufacturers to remove all branded features from external packaging, except for the brand name written in a standard font on a surface in a standard colour.

An increasing number of countries are considering and already introducing restrictions on the marketing and advertising of food and drink products in an attempt to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases.

With calls for more intrusive measures, the prospect of further application of plain packaging looks increasingly likely despite the lack of evidence on its effectiveness.

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories including confectionery, savoury snacks and drinks may lose billions of dollars if the plain packaging legislation is applied to them, according to a study from Brand Finance, a UK-based independent brand business valuation and strategy consultancy.

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