Opinion: The Packaging Pitch: Three mistakes to avoid when positioning your brand

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been involved in two client projects that reminded me how common it is for growers and produce companies to make mistakes when it comes to their branding, positioning and customer communications.

The common element these mistakes share is they cost you money – sometimes physical dollars but more often, lost or missed opportunities.

I recently created a new brand and packaging for fresh potatoes. The bags look amazing (if I do say so myself) but once a great bag is done, the hard work begins – getting the consumer to buy it.

The potato company has long been users of corporate sponsorship marketing.

Supporting a sports team, giving away free products at events are some of the marketing tools they’ve used to create awareness for the company and their products.

Given my history with the brand, I was asked to work with their sponsorship contacts to create awareness for the new potato brand through an upcoming event giveaway.

This situation perfectly describes common mistake 1: Wrong Message. Rather than focus on the volume being given away, the more impactful headline is to tell the consumer (or in this case,...

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By Fresh Produce Marketing founder Lisa Cork
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