Opinion: Turning Private Label into Private Brands

Brandnew were asked to help create a private label that is adaptive to each retail formula and category but bound by specific brand values.

We had to let go of grids, as the product category was never our starting point. We wanted a design strong enough to communicate brand values, uniting the wide range of products that defined the brandname G'woon.

All products have a premium look and feel and are eye-catching thanks to their colorful packaging and funny tag lines matching the brand's character - not overpromising but real.

The brand name is featured in every tag line, such as 'simply super soft' for toilet paper.

Or 'simply super fresh' for fresh vegetables, and ‘simply with extra vitamin C’ for orange juice.

Private labels have been booming due to recent financial crisis, powered by design. Consumers wanted a cheaper version of premium brands, and private labels thrived.

However, the past few years premium brands have been on the offensive. Premium labels, however, are fighting their way back.

If private labels want to keep their newly owned high ranked position, then it’s time for them to take the next step...

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