Opinion: What makes a great brand?

Tom Hearn, business director at Nude Brand Creation explores what's behind a great brand...

The illusions of price and provenance One way is using packaging to convey a brand’s self-assurance.  The redesign of Midleton Very Rare Whiskey takes this approach to convey the product’s brand strengths.  It rejuvenates the design, but stays true to the brand story in an authentic way, as well as bringing it up to date.

The new packaging for this exclusive whiskey features a unique set of luxury codes, inspired by Irish literature and craftsmanship to reflect the precious nature of the liquid, as opposed the following obvious and outdated luxury codes.

Interestingly, the notion of luxury has changed in the last few years.

Previously luxury packaging featured lots of gold, over-embossing and dark, rich colours, whereas the new luxury is inspired by craft and honesty.

To pick the right road to brand desirability, you need to have the right strategy in place. The partnership must be right.

It must emphasise the brand’s authenticity. Copy the competitors, or just dream up a partnership out of nowhere, and you’ll affect your brand’s desirability – in entirely the wrong way.

But find the perfect pairing and...

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