Packaging evolves for Evolution Fresh functional beverages

A redesign centering on simplicity and transparency and the addition of sleeker, downsized bottles are the next evolutionary step for Evolution Fresh juices that now include smoothies.

Evolution Fresh’s new-look packaging has been rolled out in a three-step process starting last September when attendees at Natural Products Expo East were given a preview of the redesigned packaging.

Step two was when the new bottles rolled out to grocery customers in early March and step three was their debut in Starbucks stores in April.

Evolution Fresh’s new packaging is designed to address customer requirements for premium, transparent and authentic packaging.

The new design scheme will appear on all Evolution Fresh bottles, including a new 11oz-size to accompany the existing 15.2oz and large multi-serve sizes.

It’s a fresh start for a brand that helped pioneer the cold-pressed juice category.

Michelle Chin, vice president, marketing & category, Evolution Fresh, informs Packaging Digest that the new look-bottles continue to reach grocery retailers' refrigerated cases nationwide.

“The new look reflects the brand’s expansion beyond cold-pressed juice into...

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