Parker Williams designs branding and packaging for new Love Hemp bottled spring water

Parker Williams has created the new identity for Love Hemp Water, the first bottled spring water containing natural CBD hemp extract to be launched in Europe.

Love Hemp Water joins a growing market for functional waters with the stress on health consciousness an increasingly important purchasing factor.

Every bottle of Love Hemp is filled with natural spring water rich in minerals and infused with CBD hemp droplets and has taken the Love Hemp Water research and development team over nine months to perfect.

Becky Fone, Brand & Innovation Director at Parker Williams said “Our task was to bring credibility to an ingredient that has a certain stereotype attached to it. Hemp, once the darling crop of the USA, swiftly fell from grace and was linked with psychedelic effects enjoyed in the 60’s. Fast forward 50 years and its health benefits are now once more being heralded.

“We created a simple lifestyle brand which has mass appeal. The inspiration for the design is slogan posters which is the key to standing out in this highly competitive category. A clear substantial font with simple support descriptor is set off by naïve icon elements that are easily adaptable to other products." Adam Pritchard,...

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