ProLabel Insights: Digital print delivering brand value

Our take: The market is seeing some spectacular results that challenge norms and ignite the brand owner’s imagination...  | -----------

From dog treat pouches that feature a picture of your pooch, to a personalized bottle of vodka celebrating your 21-year old daughter’s birthday, customizable messaging on packaging is driving bold brand owners to embrace digital printing.

All package types -- flexible, rigid, cartons, and labels -- are being employed in the digital revolution.

Similarly, the challenge of e-commerce corrugated boxes meeting the lofty goal of replacing the store shelf and still delivering the branding experience, is another prime driver for adoption of digital printing.

Many success stories were embedded in presentations at Smithers Pira’s Digital Print for Packaging 2018, in Schaumburg, IL June 4-5.

“The global packaging market was $851 billion dollars in 2017,” says Sean Smith from Smithers Pira,” and is expected to reach a trillion dollars by 2023.”

Some of the more traditional print markets are not forecasting such robust growth.

No wonder a large number of digital print technology suppliers are targeting the packaging marketplace.

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