Tea Brand Customizes Packaging For Every Market And Occasion

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Vietnamese tea company Teapins sells tea flavors from around the globe in customized gift boxes. Its new collection of “I wish you” tea, designed with branding agency Ohmybrand, is geared toward the Russian market.

"I wish you" teas come in packaging with personal messages, tailored for each international market, in a bid to become a go-to gift for customers around the world.

The kit allows the customer to purchase tea leaves and personalize the boxes by choosing from 40 different words.

With this design feature, the product is intended as a go-to universal gift for any occasion, and any friend or relative.

According to The Dieline, the “I wish you” tea has already made a mark in the international market, offering unique wishes that include wishing “somebody good sex, great career and ideas.”

For the Russian market, it sticks to wishes of “love and harmony,” which has its roots in cultural associations of tea with warm, calming vibes.

The new Russian packaging was also made more compact for easier placement on grocery shelves.

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