Agency designers weigh in on packaging trends

Libby White talked to five of the top creative agencies about the key drivers in packaging design at the moment. Designers from Anthem, Biles Hendry, Parker Williams, Marks Group and Equator Design share their observations of how the push for a multi-channel presence and the need for brands to demonstrate a more responsible stance are influencing the approach to packaging.

“Designers need to consider all channels – shelf, laptop, smartphone – in their approach,” observes Anthony Biles, co-founder and creative director of Biles Hendry.

“In bricks and mortar outlets, the packaging needs to engage the consumer from five metres away, with shape, colour and logo; at one metre, where more detailing is picked up; and then in-hand, where textures and ergonomics come into play.”

Online factors challenge design further.

“The thumbnail provides an early touchpoint which must capture the eye and give quick brand recognition; the customer can then zoom in for more detail, before experiencing the product in-hand once it has been delivered.

With online purchases, of course, the packaging also has to reassure the consumer, post-purchase, that they have made the right decision.”

Martin Ward, Nestlé creative lead at Anthem, believes that the single biggest innovation driving packaging...

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