Examining The Secrets Behind Private Label Success

Our take: Millennial shopping preferences figure heavily into private label success...  


Retailer brands and private label products have enjoyed impressive growth in recent years.

Elisabeth Skoda speaks to the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s (PLMA) president Brian Sharoff about what lies behind this growth and what role packaging can play to boost retail performance.

According to a new report prepared by Nielsen, entitled ‘The Rise and Rise Again of Private Label,’ the popularity of private label alternatives keeps growing across Europe.

The Nielsen data shows that market share for retailers’ own brands has climbed to all-time highs in nine European countries and for the first time stands at 30 per cent or above in 15 of the 20 countries tracked for PLMA’s International Private Label Yearbook.

The 2017 Yearbook statistics reveal that market share reached all-time highs in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Sharoff talks about these figures in more detail.

“The biggest market share increases were reported in Austria, up 2.8 points to 43 per cent, followed by Germany, up 2.1 points to 45 per cent and Poland, up 1.4 points to 30 per cent,” he says.

“Seven countries now have market shares of 40 per cent or higher: the UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium,...

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