The Values of a Brand Stay Lodged in The Mind

Products don’t exist in empty spaces, they are bought because consumers find something in them that they value and relate to.

The presentation of the packaging, the use of the logo, typography and color, are visual expressions that must be consistent with the benefits and values of the brand.

According to the consultancy Interbrand, world leader in branding, the values that support a product must be functional, expressive and central.

An entrepreneur, who for tactical reasons modifies the essential values of his brand, will have difficulties.

Brand values are much more important than a passing need for a particular market.

These values need to be nurtured and developed with great care and then communicated with clarity and conviction.

They are those that are supported by the performance of the product.

They say less about the product and more about the consumer.

Its communication strategy is aimed at reflecting and improving the consumers’ sense towards themselves.

They go to the belief system of consumers.

They are framed in persuasions of a social, political or religious type.

They embody cultural tendencies or massive movements.

Many brands have enough scope to create several images from very...

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