Three Brands Use Innovation to Enter New Aisles

Brand updates: Popcorn seasoning brand Kernel Season’s, oat-based food brand Quaker Oats and squeezable applesauce company GoGo Squeez all announced new products to move beyond their legacy offerings, eating occasions and consumers.

Earlier this year Chicago Custom Foods LLC, the maker of popcorn seasoning brand Kernel Season’s, was sold to private equity firm Highlander Partners.

At the time, Kernel Season’s CEO Scott Lerner hinted that the company would soon be positioning itself as a leader in the broader seasoning space.

Now, the company has announced its first innovation beyond popcorn with the launch of Tasty Shakes, a line of oatmeal seasonings.

“We obviously have a big presence within the microwave popcorn aisle and our products serve as a compliment to blander [products],” Lerner said.

“We started to look at categories that maybe had limited innovation or lacked dynamic flavor profiles, and that had an opportunity to take the same game plan that we have done in popcorn and bring it to another section of the store.”

The toppers — available in maple brown sugar, apples and cinnamon, strawberries and cream, and peaches and cream for about $3 each — are made with natural flavors.

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