Trends in packaging: Functionality of prime importance

With improved customer experience in mind, packaging designers today are focusing on functionality in a variety of product categories. Packaging design trends and new technologies for foods, beverages and cannabis were the top articles on in April 2018 based on page views by our global audience.

In reverse order, here are the five articles readers found most relevant of the two dozen we posted in April:

5. Four daring packaging designs that create magic moments

“Pick me up. Touch me. Enjoy the experience!”

Packages that go beyond product protection and delivery, that inspire through ingenious and daring designs, command customer loyalty and ownership like no other.

Author Ted Mininni, president of leading package and licensing program design consultancy Design Force Inc., says a large number of consumer product brands, regardless of category, can and should elevate their visual design assets to create magic for two important reasons:

  • 1. Remember that consumers in general and millennials in particular seek experiences more than they look to acquire things. If consumers encounter magical experiences in their interactions with packaging, this will go a long way to cementing their relationships...

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