What can we learn about branding from China?

Summary: Greenwich Design’s Simon Wright looks into the packaging trends driving the market in China... | ----------

When I visit a new country, I love to walk around the shops to admire the local packaging.

On a recent business trip to China, I found myself surprised and delighted by the clear refusal of Chinese packaging designers to conform to what’s expected of their sector.

Even some of the most utilitarian of products were beautifully designed, with customer needs and emotions in mind, rather than the brand requirements.

Of course, I earn a living building brands and the guidelines required by businesses so I’m not suggesting that we toss all that aside, but observing the creativity and imagination that went into much of the Chinese packaging made me question whether the balance in the West is a little out of kilter.

China is also leading the way in ‘smart’ packaging – the result of a complete dependence on mobile apps – WeChat in particular.

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