Brand insights: Why so many fast food logos are red

Our take: Cultures across the world view the color red in a positive light. Read how it impacts branding decisions... | -------

Fast food restaurant logos are red. And it's not a coincidence. Color is one of the many elements companies use to connect with customers. And if swearing off fast food wasn't hard enough, those colorful red logos might make it even harder to ignore.

The average human can see ten million colors, but red is special. As it turns out, it's one of the first colors our ancient ancestors thought important enough to name.

Back before alphabets and writing, early human languages were surprising uncolorful.

There were words for "black" and "white' and "red" but not much else.

In fact, blue didn't show up in frequest use until a couple of thousand years into human history.

As a result, we have a deeper connection to red than any other color on the spectrum and we react to it in certain ways that actually play to fast food companies' advantage.

For starters, researchers have found that red can evoke a sense of urgency.

On top of that, it also has an innate ability to whet our appetites. And when you pair those two together you've got the perfect recipe to attract hungry customers who want food, fast.

So that red logo isn't just...

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