Knowing the cost of omni-channel packaging can benefit design creativity

As a packaging developer or designer, you’re probably already familiar with the cycle of new package introductions and the inevitable optimization process, where you have to reduce the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs). The growth of ecommerce sales adds another channel, with unique packaging demands. Should you create a separate package or rework one you already have?

Michael Gorges, managing director for North America and Asia at More from Less, will present “When is it Time to Make the Move to an Omni-Channel Pack?” at the 2018 TransPack Forum (Mar. 20-23, San Diego, CA), organized by the Intl. Safe Transit Assn. (ISTA). Ecommerce packaging is a particular area of expertise for the company.

Last year, More from Less presented in a successful webinar for Packaging Digest, which you can view on demand:

“Ecommerce Packaging: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right from the Start”

Here is a taste of what attendees will hear from Gorges at this week's TransPack Forum:


  • The difficulty or challenge to establish the total cost of omni-channel packaging is not calculating the direct costs—such as packaging, freight/logistics and warehouse handling—but with the indirect or “unseen” costs.
  • The real challenge is determining these costs, as they are often poorly tracked. Most often these costs are things like damages and returns. Most organizations do not have the granularity necessary to understand where and how damage occurs, never mind to what degree a well-designed omni-channel package reduce these costs.
  • Most importantly, research and analysis shows, customers are demanding more and more ecommerce access to your products. Online shopping is a fast moving and growing marketplace. You may not understand options available and costs associated with omni-channel packaging, but rest assured your competitors are already on with the journey, or at a minimum, have started working on it. There is no silver bullet out there, though. This is a complex challenge, with numerous unknowns and conflicting data. However, don’t let this paralyze you or your organization into doing nothing...

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