Five Ways New Brands Can Use the Voice of the Customer

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Beyond more traditional marketing tactics like paid advertisements or exhibiting at trade shows, brand marketers can implement certain strategies that help raise brand awareness and drive sales.

An often untapped, but powerful marketing resource for brands is consumer-generated content, or ratings and reviews, comments, or questions from customers and past purchasers.

Collecting and distributing consumer-generated content is one of the most effective ways brands can emulate the buzz of word-of-mouth marketing, but at scale.

If you’re an emerging brand looking to grow your business, you should make it a goal to:

Today’s consumers are weary of traditional advertising and marketing messaging produced by brands.

Instead, they have come to expect and rely on ratings and reviews while they research and compare products and make their purchase decisions.

Providing consumers with honest reviews, feedback and opinions about products is proven to boost consideration and confidence to buy.

In fact, brands that had ratings and reviews available for consumers to interact with experienced on average a 106 percent conversion lift.

Collecting a high volume of fresh feedback from past purchasers can significantly influence future shopper decisions in the long run, so prioritize regularly asking for ratings and reviews from your customers.

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