Why do brands still fall short with customer experience?

Our take: The smart brands understand the concept of peaks and valleys of experience and will do what it takes to create an outstanding one... | ------------

If you attend enough industry events and conferences, it’s not hard to figure out that customer experience is very much in vogue today.

The trigger lines are statements like: “We put the customer at the center of everything we do…” or “We are moving the customer to the center of the enterprise…” or “Customer centricity is critical to the success of our operation…”

Clearly, the idea of customer experience is not new — we’ve been talking about it for more than a decade — so what’s going on? Why do so many brands still get it wrong?

Augie Ray, research director at Gartner, put it simply in a recent interview with Forbes.

“The fact that so many organizations understand the importance of CX to the brand, but are unable to deliver outcomes that meet or exceed customer expectations is indicative of the growing need for fresh approaches to delivering more positive outcomes for customers.”

It starts with a foundation in customer satisfaction.

What she’s really saying is it’s complicated. The massive amount of data available to marketers today along with the ever-increasing list of martech solutions designed to manage it is dizzying.

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