iD Fresh Food CEO: Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the competition

Started in 2006, as a little establishment in the bustling streets of Bangalore, iD Fresh Food has come a long way and set several milestones along the way. What started as a 1 city, 1 product, 4 employee company, is a 1000 crore business now with 12 SKUs and its footprint in 16 cities (national & international), with 1500 plus employees and presence across 18000 plus stores.

In an interaction with exchange4media, PC Musthafa, CEO & Co-Founder iD Fresh Food shares how the brand deals with competition and marketing strategies followed by them.

“The journey has been enthralling. iD has come a long way over the last 13 years. When we started the journey, little did we know that iD would be a trusted household name and would be serving millions of people healthy food every day,” said PC Musthafa.

On Challenges iD Fresh faced in the initial days: One issue we still face is the general perception about packed food items. It’s perceived to be unhealthy and full of preservatives and chemicals. It is a mammoth task to persuade customers and get them to believe that our products are natural, fresh and free of any additives...

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