J&J’s approach to packaging for millennials

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The JJCI group demonstrated a deft touch indeed with with two product launches in 2018: Listerine Nightly Reset, which is technically more of a line extension than a launch, and C&C by Clean and Clear.

Nightly Reset is a new anticavity fluoride mouthwash that is aimed squarely at millennials.

“Focused as it is on a different target than original Listerine, it presented a big design challenge for the brand in terms of equity,” says Miguel Herrera, Global Package Development Director for North America Consumer and Global Oral and Wound Care for JJCI.

“With Nightly Reset we needed a different look, something that would appeal to millennials. So we designed a second equity, so to speak.”

Sure enough, some of the original iconic design is echoed in the pinch-waist shape of the Nightly Reset bottle, which is injection-stretch-blow-molded PET just as original Listerine is.

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