Not Acting On Online Individual Intent: How Much Is It Costing You?

Our take: Customer intent is far more nuanced than determining buying or browsing based on checkout data, who saves a cart or who bounces out after a browsing session... | -----------------

While online retailers may happily report positive sales, no e-Commerce leader worth their salt would leave money on the table.

They see trying to convert their larger population of browsers into buyers, and chasing the revenue that’s lost due to cart abandonment, as real opportunities to improve performance.

Retailers must be paying attention to and servicing all of their customers to be able to mitigate the risk of missed revenue caused by serial showroomers, who at best will later convert in-store, or by ‘surf and turfers’ who may be counting on the remarketing discount bait from retailers who’ve trained them to be won back with offers of deep discounts.

It’s imperative that retailers understand all the nuances of their customers’ intent to be able to know how best to respond in the customers’ individual contexts.

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